Power State
Not My Nation Artwork

First Single ‚Not My Nation‘

NOT MY NATION is a reflection of how we treat each other in this world and it’s probably our most political song so far. What happens when you find out you’ve been lied to? Much less by the people you entrusted to take care of the worlds problems? You don’t want their pills, anymore! What are you gonna do? Take responsibility and f*** the pursuit of glory. Be the positive change you want to see.

It’s come a long way and hard to imagine, but this song was written in 2005!

We like its polarizing lyrics and the aggressive energy – like a cleansing of sorts.

With great honor we produced it with Nils Knecht and Holger Schader!
Mastering was done by the legendary Jens Dreesen (e.g. Rammstein

What’s the effect of stomping drums, heavy guitar-riffs and melodies to sing to? You end up in a power state of rock.  
POWER STATE is a collective of four musicians of the bands THE NEW ROSES, BREITENBACH and DAS ACTIONTEAM.
Norman Bites, Pogo TS, Robby Siemens and Toby Breitenbach have formed the new band in May of 2022 and have since started working on songs for their debut-album. 
At the same time and with no time wasted they’ve been setting up a few single live-shows  to get the ball rolling and to grow together as a band.
With heavy weaponry in form of brand-new songs and a kick-ass attitude, they’re kicking off this brand-new project now in 2022, which will undoubtedly become a force of nature. 





Rock auf der Burg, Königstein


Ponyhof Club, Frankfurt

was awesome


Orscheler Sommer, Oberursel

was awesome

More shows to come

We‘re having more and more fun playing, rehearsing and kicking off this new band POWER STATE! We can‘t wait to get it all on stage and show you what we do.

eMail: powerstate.band@gmail.com

You want to book us for a gig, or want to use our music or get together for a cool idea or just want to drop us a note? We’re looking forward to hear or better said read from you!

Take care and stay safe!
Toby, Robby, Norman, Pogo

Power State